Our History

Butchers, Outdoorsmen, Fathers, Sons, Brothers...The Bearded Butchers are a lot of things. What we love most is creating not only good food, but great eating experiences.
That's where the seasoning came in. We got tired of buying whatever was on the store shelf, and getting everything you don't want with it. Sugar, anti-caking chemicals, MSG, and more. So, Seth got to work mixing and blending spices, a job he was familiar with from growing up doing the same thing in the family butcher shop. Being an avid hunter, he naturally wanted a spice blend that would go great with wild game, and everything else. The family butcher shop was where we first introduced the Original Blend, in 2012. In fact, it wasn't even the "Original" Blend. It was simply "Bearded Butcher Blend. We chose "Bearded Butcher" to honor our father, who of course was bearded, and a butcher, the man who founded the meat business in 1989, raising and selling Bison meat.
After selling our Original Blend for several years, the idea came to us to expand the flavors, and theme them after the three sons, all of who are active in the business. Chipotle (oldest son Sean), Cajun (middle son Seth), and Hot (youngest son Scott).
We continue to grow and expand our offerings, based on our unique approach to butchering, wild game, family, and the outdoors, choosing flavors and blends that compliment our rich heritage and bright future. With the 3rd generation of the Perkins Family now involved, we look forward to serving you for years to come.   

The Bearded Butchers are a breed of men who wear many hats - skilled butchers, rugged outdoorsmen, devoted fathers, loyal sons, and steadfast brothers. But above all, they are passionate about crafting not only good food, but unforgettable dining experiences.

Enter their game-changing seasoning, a carefully crafted blend of spices that emerged from their frustration with the store-bought options riddled with undesirable additives like sugar, anti-caking agents, and MSG. Drawing on his expertise from years spent mixing spices in the family butcher shop, Seth set out to create a seasoning that would do justice to wild game and beyond.

With the first iteration of the seasoning hitting the shelves in 2012 under the moniker "Bearded Butcher Blend," the name paid homage to their father - the bearded patriarch who started the family's meat business, specializing in bison meat.

As the demand for their Original Blend skyrocketed, the Butchers expanded their offerings, drawing inspiration from their three sons, who all play active roles in the family business. They developed a Chipotle flavor in honor of their eldest son, Sean, a Cajun blend for middle son Seth, and a Hot seasoning for the youngest, Scott.

Their unique approach to butchering, wild game, family, and the great outdoors continues to shape their flavor offerings, marrying their rich heritage with their vision for the future. With the third generation of the Perkins family now involved, the Bearded Butchers look forward to sharing their passion and craftsmanship with you for years to come.