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  • Product Review: 7.5" Meat Slicer from MEAT!

    We love the processing, prepping, and storage tools from our friends at Meat! We've shown you the 10-inch meat slicer we use all the time, but we realize this slicer isn't going to be perfect for everyone. 

    Luckily, Meat! also makes a 7.5-inch electric meat slicer that has a much smaller footprint, so we thought we would check it out and see if it's worth picking up.

  • The Best Grilling Basket for Vegetables, Fish, and Small Items

    Grill baskets come in a lot of different shapes and sizes to serve different purposes. The grill basket also opens up the opportunity to grill some things in creative new ways using ingredients you normally wouldn't put on the grill. So today we're going over what you can grill with each type of grill basket. 
  • The Best Sharpening Stones to Hone All Your Dull Knives

    A lot of people have dull knives in their kitchen drawer because they're concerned they might ruin the blade by incorrectly using a sharpening stone. This is a very real fear, but never underestimate the importance of a sharp edge – it's essential. So we want to help by showing you the different types of stones and how to choose the right stone for the type of knife you are sharpening.
  • The Ultimate Gifts for Grillers

    The Holiday season is nearly here again and it's time to start thinking about the ultimate gifts for your favorite grillers. They've spent the year making delicious food, why not reward them with some of the best gifts and accessories to make grilling, barbecue, and smoking even more enjoyable. We put together this list because these are some of the things we would like to have under our tree this Christmas. Hint, hint.
  • The Best Charcoal Smokers for 2021

    There is no smoker that will give you a more authentic smokehouse flavor than a charcoal smoker design. There are lots of different options out there that all aim to offer ease-of-use, consistency, and durable design. However, some smokers are simply better than others. We'll give you a guide to our favorite designs and the best charcoal smoker products on the market for 2021 to help simplify your search for your next smoker.
  • The Benefits of Pellet Grills

    Pellet grills are all the rage right now and have been for several years. It seems like every time you look, there is a new model to choose from. A good quality pellet smoker isn't a cheap investment and it can be a chore to decide if a pellet grill is even right for you, especially if you've never used one before. Before you go out and drop big bucks on a pellet grill, you should read our article on the benefits – and potential drawbacks – associated with pellet grills.
  • Smoker vs Grill – What is the Difference?

    Choosing between a smoker and a grill is a challenge. Before you shell out hard-earned cash, we want to let you know about the functional differences between grills and smokers that can make or break your decision.
  • 10 Must Have Pellet Grill Accessories

    It doesn't matter whether you are smoking, searing, or barbecuing on a pellet grill, there are a handful of important accessories you need. Tricking out your brand new Traeger or trying to find the perfect gift for the pit master in your life is a whole lot easier with this list. We've compiled the ultimate accessory items you'll want for your pellet grill. Check it out!
  • The Ultimate Guide to Smoking with A Traeger Grill

    Consider this your ultimate guide for everything you need to know about how a Traeger Grill works, what makes different models more expensive, and how you can use a Traeger Grill to get the best smoked meat of your life. When you're ready for the most frustration-free way of smoking, a Traeger is a great investment. You'll never look at smoking the same once you start using one.
  • How Does a Smoker Work

    A critical step when you want to learn to smoke meat is to understand the way a smoker works. There are several designs on the market with similarities and differences in the way they make smoke. Once you know how your smoker works, you'll be able to control the temperature and the amount of smoke to perfect your grilling skills.
  • Burch Barrel: Perfect for Outdoor Entertaining

    Today we're going to share with you one of the coolest new cooking devices we've seen in years: The Burch Barrel. We've been spending some time lately pushing our Burch Barrel to its limits so that we can share the experience with you. Follow along as we lift the lid and get cooking.
  • Pellet Grill vs Charcoal Grill

    If you are thinking about upgrading your grill this year you might be on the fence between spending money on a pellet grill or buying a high-quality charcoal grill. Today, we'll discuss the pros and cons of these two types of grills to help you narrow down what the best buy for you and your cooking style may be.