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  • How to Grill the Best Burgers

    A perfectly grilled burger is a thing of art. There are several tricks you can use at home to get restaurant-quality results every time you grill a burger. We'll walk through some of the ways you can step up your burger game easily at home.

  • Guide to Wrapping Brisket: How, Why, and With What?

    Smoking brisket is one of those things that requires steadfast patience and is probably the most stressful thing you'll put in your smoker. Wrapping a brisket during the smoking process is one of the more misunderstood and inaccurately used steps. So we're going to explain all the "how," "why," "when," and "with what" questions you've got about wrapping brisket or any other large hunk of meat you are smoking.
  • How to Tell If Steak Is Bad: 5 Telltale Signs

    Have you ever been at the grocery store and found a really great deal on a thick steak that's been marked down because it has hit or passed the use by date? It's natural to wonder if that discount steak is even still edible or if it will make you sick. Knowing how to avoid buying a steak that has started to spoil is just as valuable as knowing how to buy the most fresh steak that will cook perfectly. Today, we'll break down what to look for when you are concerned about the freshness of a steak, how to identify the common signs of a steak that is going bad, and how to avoid cooking spoiled meat.
  • Beef Sticks vs Beef Jerky

    We know that some people are beef stick people, others are jerky people, but a lot of us are somewhere in between. Making the choice between one and the other can be a challenge when you are searching for a healthy, nutritious snack on the go. We are going to break it down for you so you'll know what to look for in order to get exactly what you want from your meat snack.
  • Bearded Butcher Blend Original Meatball Parmesan Recipe

    Craving some Italian food? Here's a different take on meatball parmesan. It's a relatively easy recipe that you'll just have to throw in your smoker for a few hours. Let us know if you try it!

  • The Best Burger Recipe for Labor Day

    Labor Day is the grillers favorite holiday. It's the last summer cookout and the perfect opportunity to have some fun with classic grill foods. Hamburgers are sure to be on tens of thousands of barbecues over the Labor Day weekend, so we thought that we would show you the best way to make the best hamburger and we're also sharing a full recipe at the end.
  • How to Cut a Flank Steak

    Flank steak is a common favorite cut for grilling. It's an intensely flavorful cut despite being lean and boneless. Flank is one of our go-to proteins for a quick weekday meal that makes for excellent steak sandwiches or fajitas. Cutting flank steak correctly is essential to serving a tender, easily chewed meal. Learning to cut flank steak is an easy skill you'll have no trouble learning, so let's get into it!
  • What Is Biltong? How It's Different from Beef Jerky

    Biltong sort of looks like beef jerky and it sort of tastes like beef jerky, but that's where the similarities end. Biltong and beef jerky are different in many ways. If you haven't tried it, grab a bag and give it a whirl. It's a unique experience and a tasty way to have a healthy and nutritious snack.
  • Best Road Trip Snacks: Beef Jerky

    When you're on the road and you don't want to stop to eat at every other roadside burger stand, having the best road trip snacks will make the drive more enjoyable. If you've got kids, you know how quickly a package of crackers or a chocolate bar can turn into a huge mess in the back seat. Jerky is way less messy, significantly more nutritious, and a great tasting snack.
  • The Benefits of Grass-Fed Beef

    You might have heard that grass-fed beef is better than regular ol' beef. You've probably seen stories on the news or seen things on social media that make you want to know more about the benefits. But making the decision to switch to only grass-fed beef means you'll often be paying more for your meat, so it makes sense that you would want to know if grass-fed beef is worth it and what the real difference is from grain-fed beef. So let's get into it!
  • The Best Smoked Meats

    Figuring out the best meat for smoking isn't always easy. If you've fallen into the habit of just grabbing baby back ribs or a pork butt every time you fire up the smoker, it can be difficult to be creative and try new things. So we're sharing our favorite cuts, recipes, and seasonings with you and giving some expert tips to make sure your smoked meat is delicious every time.

  • How to Make Beef Bone Broth

    Making beef bone broth at home is one of the easiest things you can do and you'll get superior results over that stuff you buy in the store. We're going to give you the facts about beef bone broth to help dispel some of the misunderstandings and then we'll let you know how you can make it right in your home kitchen and store it to use whenever you want.